How much does it cost to migrate to the cloud from an on-prem phone system?

To find out how much moving to the cloud will cost, you can read our detailed, in-depth whitepaper on "The cost of moving hotel phone system to the cloud".

What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a telephone communication platform on cloud. With a hosted platform, all the costly and bulky hardware associated with a traditional PBX telephone setup goes out of the picture. What’s left behind is a clutter-free, easy-to-manage communication platform that is better than the traditional setup in almost every way possible.

What if my internet service fails at property?

Our System comes with local survivability and failover to 4G Volte. In case your internet fails, your guest room can still make 911 emergency calls and any outbound calls.

Does your system compliant with Kari's Law for E911?

Yes, we are fully compliant with Kari's law. Our system has a unique feature that can instantly voice call alert the front desk or the management staff with the emergency number dialed by a particular room number. Additionally, numerous guests can dial emergency number at the same time so no one gets a busy tone, you cannot imagine this with traditional phone system.

Do you offer fax service?

"Yes, we do offer fax service. We also have e-fax service available from our customer portal, from there, your staff can send and receive fax through email and though we have support of traditional fax machine, we always recommend our customer to use e-fax that saves trees and environment..

Can we transfer my existing hotel main number to Cloudext Service?

Yes, we have fast number portability service which is worry free and online. You can transfer your existing number to Cloudext yourself from our customer portal. Usually Porting can be done within 10-15 days with zero down time. For more information, please discuss with your account manager.

Can we buy US or Canada local number ?

Yes, you can buy any local number or even international number from our customer portal. Each number cost $10 per month.

What is Installation process?

If it's a replacement of your existing on-premises PBX then it's effortless. Our support team will guide you through Whatsapp or Facetime and you can install it yourself within 20-30 minutes. In case any of your guest rooms has wiring issue then you have to manage with your local electrician or maintenance person for repair. If it's a new property then you have to hire installer or you can inform your account manager and they will arrange someone to do this job at a reasonable cost.

What about after sales support?

Yes, we do have 24/7 telephonic support who can help you fix any issue over voice or video call. You can call anytime on 1-888-999-8212 for any technical support.

Do you have Elevator Phone and Door Entry Phone?

Yes, we do have Elevator and Door entry phone support with our system. If you want to purchase new phone, you can discuss with your account manager for quotation.

Does your phone line support my hotel fire panel?

Yes, we do support but we always recommend customers to buy our fire panel modem which works over 4G network so if any chance of power outage, it can still dial out with local built in battery backup available with the device. Contact your account manager for further information.

Do you have mobile app for our staff?

Yes, we do have mobile app available for your staff which can work as a mobile extension so they can call from app to any guest room or local extension and vice versa.