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CloudExt team

Why 911 is very important to any hotel?

Why hotels need E911?

In a multi-dwelling unit, it is a challenge for emergency service responders to trace which room or from which location of the building, someone has dialed 911. Several times that we found out that the hotel staff has always struggled to locate which guest is in an emergency.

CloudExt designed E911 for Hotels

We designed the system which can proactively notify the front desk and hotel staff if a guest needs any emergency help.

  • Our system designed to serve 911 calls to be the highest priority on our network to connect with the nearest 911 response service in the least span of time.
  • Whenever any guest dials 911, the same time our system notifies the front desk with a voice call that guest room xxx is in need of emergency help so hotel staff can proactively take steps to assist or even save the life of their inhouse guest.
  • We have also our 24/7 network monitoring team that monitors all systems and in case anything goes wrong, our support team can inform the hotel of the emergency.

Check out this video to learn more about our E911 Solution for Hotel

What if there is an internet outage at the hotel, will 911 still work?

Yes, it will still work. Our system comes with local survivability over the 4G mobile network. For example, if there is a hurricane of optical fiber cut and any guest room will dial 911, it will be routed via our onsite cloud controller built-in with a 4G backup line.