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CloudExt team

Free hotel phone system at a cost of phone service

What is CloudExt?

CloudExt is a cloud-based hotel phone system as a service provider. No need to buy a high-end CAPEX intensive and proprietary phone system at your property to manage your day to day hotel and guest room communication. Hundreds of hotels starting from 25 rooms to 500 rooms use our service.

How it is different from the on-premises PBX System

There are two types of phone systems, one is the analog PBX system which is installed at most of the hotels today and two is the IP PBX system. To install and maintain both system requires a high investment for any size of hotels. Apart from that, it will cost you additional expenses for upgrade and maintenance.

We have seen the excellent impact of mobile and cloud on all industries and yet still, most of the hotels are relying on outdated technology that requires high cost of investment and operation cost.

CloudExt is a complete cloud-based hotel phone system as a service that can be installed within 30 minutes at any hotel even without needing the help of a professional installer and no need to invest hundreds of dollars to get a new phone system at your hotel.

When it comes to upgrade and maintenance, it’s all software-driven system so we can remotely upgrade, fix, and maintain without the worry to change any parts or devices. Plus, we can all do these in just a few clicks.
We have installed CloudExt phone service to hundreds of hotels and saved a huge amount of their investment and even monthly service costs.

Call us today at 1 650 750 2600 or email us at to know more about our phone system.